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Association of Medical Women in India (AMWI), founded in 2003 in New Delhi started with organising academic event like CMEs, conferences and health camps in Delhi NCR region and few locations outside Delhi. Doctors in the association included various specialities like Gynaecologists, Physicians, Dermatologists, Radiologists...

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AMWI website is a multi dimensional hub for all members. It showcases multifarious activities across many disciplines.

It all started way back in 1978 when I started my practise in South Delhi and saw that patients very spontaneously and naturally spoke against the Doctors who were previously treating them, and it was quite unpleasant. So, I planned academic meetings where Doctors gathered to discuss some clinical cases. This in turn promoted neighbourhood comradeship which resulted in an increase in members as well. And Gradually these events morphed into conferences, health camps and social activities. Still a long way to go and many more avenues to explore. Looking forward to it.

Dr. Kiran Kukreja


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